World Prayer Team

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The World Prayer Team is designed to help Grantham Church learn about what is going on in world missions. It also helps our family to stay up to date with those missionaries who are directly connected to Grantham Church.

The World Prayer Team meets monthly on Wednesday. Each month the meeting features missionaries who are at home for a brief period of time or new missionaries who are preparing to leave for their assignment overseas.

They offer a fascinating look at how Brethren in Christ and other denominations are reaching those across the world. Some missionaries serve in small towns, while others go to major metropolitan areas. Our visitors witness first-hand the power of God in transforming people’s lives. They can provide inspiration for those who are unsure of their path or offer confirmation of the strength of the Lord in our daily lives.

There is no “average” or “typical” experience for a missionary. Hearing their stories is also a reminder of how we should be open to accepting God’s path for us, even when it’s not what we expected.     

News From Our Missionaries

Due to the confidential nature of many of our missionaries, we no longer post their letters online. If you would like more information about the missionaries we support or to read their letters, please contact the church office. Thank you for supporting our missionaries.